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He had used all his means to achieve huge success in reverse publicity!

It looked relaxed but Pei Qian was actually not confident. He had put in a lot of effort to last two weeks for the reverse publicity plan.

He even hired fake reviewers out of his own pocket. It could be argued that he spared no expenses.

Fortunately, all his hard work had paid off.

Two weeks had already passed. According to the previous agreement, Meng Chang would definitely not leave.

As for what Meng Chang would comprehend from this demonstration... That was not something Pei Qian could expect or control.

No matter what, one good brother Eric had already left. He could not lose another good brother, Meng Chang.

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Now that he understood this matter, the huge stone that had been hanging in Pei Qian’s heart was finally lifted.

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“Alright, the game can be released.”

Pei Qian used the internal chat software to send a message to Slow Movement Studio, telling them that “Animal Island” could be officially released.

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Pei Qian especially found many reasons in order to ensure that the reverse publicity plan was foolproof. For example, he wanted to test Animal Island more and fix more bugs before publishing it.

It dragged on for more than a week.

He had already obtained the guaranteed commission that he had promised Meng Chang. What’s more, there were less than two weeks to the settlement. It was about time to let the game be released and cancel the limited sales volume of the VR glasses.

In just two weeks, they probably would not be able to sell many copies. It was impossible to recoup their costs.

Of course, the pressure on profits would extend to the next cycle.

However, the next cycle was some time away. He would think about it when the time came.

July 19th, Thursday...

At 8:55 AM, Qiao Liang was jolted awake by his cell phone alarm.

He had two cell phones. One was Otto’s G1 cell phone, and the other was POUIO cell phone.