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How can catch the sea video to make money online?

Only those who believed strongly in Boss Pei and followed him to the end would be qualified to have a share in the pie.

Li Shi considered for a short while before he spoke in a low voice. “I do have an idea here which does not need much financing from everyone.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

An idea? That did not need much money?

“Boss Li, pray tell us quickly!” An investor pressed on.

Li Shi smiled slightly and took out his mobile phone. He opened the Tengda Life App and turned to the Sloth Apartments project before pushing the cell phone to the center of the conference table.

“Boss Pei has a new rental project that has been just released. You should know about it, right?”

The investors faced each other. “Yes, but what has it got to do with the Thriller Hostel?”

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Li Shi smiled. “Can you come up with a good publicity plan if it was to be given to you? Previously, we burned money, but the effect in the end was average. However, Boss Pei used the shared phone booth and solved it immediately.

“That includes the recent promotion of GOG international server. Boss Pei actually rented down the entire street in Times Square! Do you dare play it as big as this?

“In terms of publicity, it’s not like I’m against anyone, but everyone else is rookies compared to Boss Pei.

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“Therefore, whether the Thriller Hostel would become a huge hit or not has nothing to do with us. The key is to see when Boss Pei wants it to become a huge hit, to see when he would make his move!

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“Therefore, what we have to do is not to publicize ourselves; the efficiency is too low.

“What we should do is to make Boss Pei happy as much as possible. When Boss Pei is happy, he would show us his hand or give us a bit of information. Wouldn’t that be better?