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Many people were staring at the screen, busy with their own work. They did not even notice Boss Pei walking past them quietly.

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Pei Qian felt very worried seeing the working atmosphere of Bunny Tail Live-Stream, but he could do nothing about it.

Even though Bunny Tail Live-Stream was still burning money and not making any money up until now, Pei Qian still felt that there were hidden dangers when he saw how motivated these employees were.

However, he did not have a good solution. This was the chronic disease of the entire Tengda Corporation. It could not be cured overnight.

He could only hope that Old Ma, as the leader, would be of some use!

Pei Qian found Ma Yang and Chen Yufeng and called them into the conference room.

“Brother Qian, do you have any instructions?” Ma Yang was as energetic as usual.

Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, I plan to buy the exclusive broadcasting rights for the ICL league for Bunny Tail live-stream. I came here to let you know.”

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Ma Yang looked confused. “What is ICL?”

Chen Yufeng was shocked. “Boss Pei, you can’t do that!”

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“I’ve been paying attention to the ICL broadcasting rights recently. Currently, Wolf Fang Live-Stream, ZZ Live-Stream, and several other large live-stream platforms discussed with Zhao Xuming. It’s said that Zhao Xuming’s offer is 11 million yuan. The base price he’s offering is 9 million yuan.”

“This price is obviously too high. All the major live-stream platforms don’t approve of it. They want to obtain ICL’s broadcast rights for about seven million yuan. Therefore, both sides are in a deadlock.”

“If we want to buy exclusive broadcasting rights, it would be even more expensive! Zhao Xuming can sell the broadcasting rights to at least three or four live-stream platforms. The expected price would be about thirty to forty million yuan. If we want to broadcast it alone, we have to buy it at a higher price!”

“What’s more, we are competitors with Finger Games. How could Zhao Xuming sell the broadcasting rights to us...”

The more Chen Yufeng analyzed, the more he felt that this was ridiculous.

Boss Pei had GPL’s broadcasting rights on his own and could give them to anyone. However, he did not intend to let Bunny Tail live-stream GPL at all.

Why would he spend so much money to buy a competitor’s league when there were free and better ones?

What was going on?